We are offering a new and unique type of car rental for special moments. Our vintage 1972’ Volkswagen Beetle is the perfect choice for various occasions such as weddings, parties, photo sessions, TV and film shoots and so on. With our car you will certainly be the main players in town.
His charming character and good looks will guarantee a timeless memory you will be able to share with your loved ones.


VW Beetle, a timeless icon

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Yet another 60’s icon that became a legend

This story is about the now timeless Volkswagen Beetle, how it achieved its worldwide popularity, and how it managed to stay there for all this time. In each decade there were countless amounts of different trends that came and went faster than the Italian government. The 60’s were a decade blooming with different kinds of trends and icons; beauty and fashion trends like afros, turtlenecks and granny glasses, products like black lights and lava lamps, and let’s not forget the super-duper popular go-go boots! Most of them were passing sensations, but there were others which came and stuck with us till this day. Toys like the Barbie doll, groups like The Beatles, fashion products like the miniskirt, and our favorite the Volkswagen Beetle. Even thou the Beetle was first manufactured in 1938, it wasn’t until the 60’s that it gained the popularity and afterwards the status of one of the top selling cars in automobile history.

The big irony connected to this little car, famous for its hippie love and peace, covered in body paint days, is that he was designed thanks to Adolf Hitler himself who wanted a ”peoples car” to be made by Ferdinand Porsche, who was also a member of the German Party. The most important thing, when it comes to the Beetle, is that it survived for almost 80 years, as well as the fact that he was a ”peoples car” from the beginning.

Let’s set aside his connection to the Nazi Germany, and look at it from the eyes of his owners. Throughout the decades, he has parted himself from all the other automobiles because he has a soul. The love movement concerning the Beetle didn’t start just with the Hippies. He was a family car from the moment he came of the factory assembly line. We can’t say this as a fact but we imagine that most of the families that owned a Beetle gave it a name. The first popular VW Beetle was Disney’s Herbie, he was a star in many movies and his nickname was the Love Bug. He had a mind of its own and a personality which puts love on a pedestal.


Some chauffeur ramblings

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I was lucky enough to make acquaintance with a little ”love bug” myself. His name is Mr. Gurko and he is a handsome white Beetle born in 1972. The dedication of his long motor life is helping newlyweds have a wonderful wedding experience and jumpstarting their honeymoon adventure. As a Beetle he is a bit self-conscious about his size and performance. During his teenage years he wished that he was born as a limo, but when he came of age, he realized that being a Beetle is much better, because limousines and other automobiles don’t have souls like Beetles, and people don’t sympathize with them as much.

Our Mr. Gurko has tons of adventures under his hood. Nowadays his battery is not what it used to be, and his wheels start to skid during a longer drive, so he is prone to making more stops in his journey, but that’s what makes his life so interesting. Every stop is a new story, every stop is a new feeling, and every stop is a new memory he is able to share with his newlyweds. They get the chance to experience the world like it is supposed to be experienced. Just stop, look, and listen. That is the whole point of living, and that is the way of life that the VW Beetle has adopted a long time ago.




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